I am offering technical audio services, including:

  • Digital mastering for MC, CD, Vinyl or web
  • Advanced tape through mastering
  • Cassette tape duplication
  • Audio tape restoration


Member of Audio Engineering Society


Studio is equipped with a high precision instruments

  • Monitoring
  • Genelec 8030A
    Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro

  • AD/DA
  • Merging - Hapi (PCM/DSD)

  • Hardware & Software & Metering
  • Steinberg Wavelab 8.5
    Pulteq Dual EQP
    AMS Neve 8803 Dual Channel Equaliser Voxengo CurveEQ
    Voxengo SPAN
    Sonnox Restore suite
    TDR Kotelnikov
    TDR VOS SlickEQ
    RTW 1206DR and 1119E (metering)

  • Tape machines
  • Studer A820 MCH 1" (studio reel-to-reel machine)
    Studer A80 VU 1/4" (mastering reel-to-reel machine)
    Lyrec TR-55 master maker 1/2" (mastering reel-to-reel machine)
    ReVox A77 1/4" (reel-to-reel machine)
    ReVox B77 1/4" (reel-to-reel machine)
    Studer A721 (cassette studio deck)
    Studer A727 (CD studio deck) Tascam 122 MKIII (cassette studio deck)
    MWA MB 51 16/17,5/35mm (magnetic film player)
    Fostex D15 (DAT cassette studio deck)
    Tascam DA30 MKII (DAT cassette studio deck)

  • Noise Reduction Equipment
  • Dolby 422 (B, C, and S)
    Dolby 363 (SR/A)


  • Schrödingerova kočka — tape through mastering for CD + MC mastering — listen
  • Jakub Šimanský & Tomáš Niesner listen
  • India — st — listen


Export requirements:

  • WAV or AIFF
  • 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz sample rate and 16/24/32 bit resolution
  • Avoid limiters and, if possible, also compression and equalizing on the 2-Bus.
  • Leave a headroom for mastering work, at least 6dB.
  • Bounce in the same quality that your project was recorded in and mixed.
  • Do NOT normalize your premaster or apply dithering.
  • Please make sure that you avoid distortion artifacts (bus clipping, etc.).
  • Please provide enough helpful project information in included TXT file: band name, your name, record label, contact info,
    release title, song listing, deadline, etc.
  • If you want me to create a professional DDP for a CD release, make sure you share the ISRC code or UPC/EAN.
  • If you have a specific sound, aesthetic or reference release in mind, please let me know.


Treatment Engineers Session Attended Session
Digital Mastering — MC | CD | Vinyl | Web 5 € / minute of material + 25 %
Tape Through Mastering for digital releses 10 € / minute of material + 25 %
DDP Finish — Incl. ISRC Code / CD Text 20 €  
Test Sample 0 €  
Rates are final and no VAT will added. 0 €  

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